Book Launches and Campaigns for Novelists Bootcamp

We’re teaching our Book Launches and Campaigns for Novelists Bootcamp:

May 1-31, 2016

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Dear Genre Novelists!

We’re teaching this 4-week bootcamp course to help you take action to market your novel.




You may be wishing for:

  • More structure in your marketing, so that it’s easier to organize and get things done
  • Guidance on timing and criteria on what to do when, so you have a clear pathway to action
  • More ideas on how to actually promote your books
  • Tools and techniques for marketing your book to your specific audience
  • Accountability and support so that you’ll get things done
  • Markers and milestones to measure your success, so that you can stay motivated during your marketing activities





In this book marketing course on Book Launches and Campaigns for Novelists Bootcamp, we will help you craft your book launch or campaign and take steps to enact it — all in the community of like-minded novelists.

Authors need to be willing to experiment and play to find what works for them and discover what is fun. How else will they be able to maintain motivation and momentum in this crazy business of being an author?!



Our overall goal is to help you take action so that you can spread the word about your book, build a fan base, and make book sales.






Who This Bootcamp is For:

  • Unpublished authors getting ready to publish in 3-12 months, and wanting to prepare for their first book launch.
  • Unpublished authors who want to build a fan base before they launch.
  • Published authors wanting to plan and then act on their book launch and campaigns.
  • Independently published and traditionally published authors because all authors can benefit from planning their book marketing and getting support to act on their plans.
  • Authors not willing to wait another day to be in inaction around their book marketing campaigns, despite any fear they feel.
  • Novelists willing to bring the creativity of their craft to book marketing.



This course is geared for authors who are ready to jump into planning their launches and campaigns and take action.


Who this course isn’t for:

  • Those who think that one-size-fits-all. Your creative life and stories are unique. So will be your marketing.
  • Those who want an easy fix. Sorry there isn’t one. You make your own luck.
  • Those who feel that marketing isn’t their job. All artists need to market, and novelists are no exception.



Marketing is connecting.

Connect in intentional and useful ways to spread the word about your book.





Course Curriculum

Dates of the course: May 1-31, 2016

Registration Deadline:
Friday, April 29, 2016, 9pm Pacific/midnight ET 

We will have written lessons, short videos, handouts, checklists and guides for the lessons below, plus:

  • 5 Weekly Live Calls, Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on Zoom, a meeting software (There are 5 Tuesdays in May!)

The live classes are an opportunity to ask questions, to do demos, and connect in community for support and accountability.


In this class you will have the opportunity to make a plan to market your book and act on it — in class — with community and teacher support. You’re invited to roll up your sleeves, make decisions, and get feedback from the class on your efforts.

We will cover:

(Order of the lessons may vary according to the needs of the class.)

Two weeks of learning and planning and two weeks to put into place your book launch or execute your campaign.

Week 1

  • Module 1: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict (and Strengths) for Book Launches and Campaigns
  • Module 2: Kinds of Launches
  • Module 3: Kinds of Campaigns

Week 2

  • Module 4:  Structures and Systems to Support and Track Your Campaign
  • Module 5: Planning Your Launch or Campaign — Words and Images

Week 3

  • Module 6: Tools for Starting and Maintaining Your Campaign
  • Module 7: Evaluating The Success of Your Campaign

Week 4

  • Module 8: Celebrating Your Campaign


Hands-On Learning

Over here at Barany School of Fiction, we’re big proponents of hands-on learning — learning by doing, so this live course comes with some special features to give you book launch experience:

Both events are for the students of this class and the Barany School of Fiction community, so that you can practice in community.

  • We’ll run a Facebook party.
  • We’ll run a Twitter chat.

What Previous Students Have Said…

“This was fantastic, Beth. A wonderful exercise. The support and collegiality made me feel so supported! Thank you so much for doing this.” — Lisa B.


“Great party! I learned I have so much more to do …VERY helpful.” — David S.


“First, thank you so much for this. I realize that I have much to do, but, I am not worried. I see what others have done and I feel like I can take their experiences and try them out for me. I also learned from thinking outside of the box. Your willingness to do this for us is admirable and inspiring. Thank you for all the time to you, Beth and Ezra, but also to all who joined in. Cheers!” — Kim K.



Because getting personalized feedback is also a big part of learning, this course comes with the added bonus — for everyone — of an online book marketing assessment from Beth Barany, the course instructor, and a 30-minute phone session with her. (A $150 value)



Because I want to have all the tools I’ve created at your disposal, this course comes with two additional courses in Barany School of Fiction, valued at over $200:

  • “How to Get Book Reviews” course ($59) — Getting reviews is a form of a book marketing campaign and can be run at any time once your book is ready for the public.
  • “Branding and Marketing Foundations for Novelists” ($149) — Get your branding in place so you can market with confidence.

2 more courses from Barany School of Fiction


Ready to Join Us? Here’s how:

Option #1: Dive In

This level comes with all the learning modules and the five weekly calls.

  • Private Facebook group for May 2016 (or, Twitter #30DAYWC) to continue the support, accountability, and tailored guidance. ($150)
  • Two Live Hands-On Marketing Events for the students of this class and the Barany School of Fiction community. ($500)
  • Five live Teaching/Coaching calls: Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on our Zoom channel for spot checks, motivation, marketing tips during your busy life, real-life hands-on edits, and cheers on every step you take. These calls are recorded if you can’t make it live. ($1,750)
  • A Online book marketing assessment from Beth Barany, the course instructor, and a 30-minute phone session with her. (A $150 value)

Investment: $199 (Valued at over $2,500)

Yes, I’m ready to join “Branding + Marketing for Novelists Bootcamp Course: Dive In” level: $199 (If you have a student discount code, be sure to enter it at check out.)


Registration Deadline: April 29, 2016, 9pm Pacific/midnight ET 

Option #2: All In

This level comes with all the learning modules, the five weekly calls, live hands-on marketing activities, the online book marketing assessment from Beth Barany, the course instructor, and a 30-minute phone session with her, plus a one-hour session with a read-through and notes of your launch or campaigns plans. (Valued at over $300)

  • All of the above from Option #1, plus:
    • Bonus: A one-on-one private 60-minute coaching call with Beth Barany, accompanied with a read-through and notes of your marketing and branding statements (bio, 1-line statement, launch plans, etc.) with Beth. (Schedule your call with Beth as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of actually having the call before June 30, 2016.)
      • Normally, Beth’s coaching calls are billed at $250 per hour, but she’s offering a deal here to those who are committed to the challenge of editing their novels.

Investment: $299 (Valued at over $2,800)

Yes, I’m ready to join “Branding + Marketing for Novelists Bootcamp Course: All In” level: $299 (If you have a discount code, be sure to enter it at check out.)


Registration Deadline: April 29, 2016, 9pm Pacific/midnight ET 


More About Who This Course is For

— This course is for motivated writers who want the added support of an experienced teacher and mentor, who is also novelist who uses these tools in her own work: Beth Barany.


Why We Are Offering This Course

We are offering this course because, one, our clients and students requested it!, and two, we want to make sure you have these tools at your disposal.


About the Instructor

Beth Barany is an award-winning novelist who has worked with over 100 authors to help them get their books written and published.

She’s passionate about writing, story telling, and guiding authors to achieve their dreams.

To date, she’s written and published 11 books. She’s taught thousands of students over the years, in both the public and private sector, including overseas in Paris, France. She both taught and coached authors, and works on writing and publishing her novels.

Why work with Beth:

  • Beth has written and published 4 novellas, 3 novels, a collection of the romance novellas, a short story, and a novel prequel in the last few years, and 3 nonfiction books. She also has more books coming out in 2016.
  • Beth has used this process successfully market her books.
  • Beth has taught these tools to other authors and has seen how effective they are.

Beth Barany's YA fantasy novels and magical contemporary romances on

Why I Really Want You in this Course

Beth wants to support authors who want support, know they learn best in small, hands-on learning environments, and who want to have a career as novelists. If that’s you, we really want you in our course.


Beth Barany with her husband Ezra Barany, who teaches in some of their classes, along with Kitty.



Can I upgrade from one level to the next once the course has started?

Yes! Once the course has started, you can upgrade to the next level. We will be sending you information on how to do that.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of committing to your writing, there is no refund for the course.

Can I access the live webinars and calls after they occur?

Yes, you have unlimited lifetime access to all the calls and any course material created for this class.



If you still have questions for us, just contact us via email, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.