Fellowship of the Pen

Let’s join in support, accountability, and getting your novels done during Nanowrimo!

This course runs from November 1-30, 2016.

For you, if you are a:

  • Current or former student of Plan Your Novel course
  • First-timer to Nanowrimo to writing a novel and who wants support while they write
  • Experienced novelist who wants the added support







For November we will gather in the Fellowship of the Pen so you can write your novel.



Goal: Write your novel in November!

You can do this!



When you join the course, you will have:

  • A safe space to write your novel, in community with authors like you
  • Small and intimate group support with weekly calls (5 Tuesdays at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern)
  • Help with the sagging middle
  • Accountability to sit down and write daily
  • Tips and techniques on how to make room in your life to write daily (or nearly daily)
  • Brainstorming opportunities with your cohorts when you’re stuck
  • Support with re-assigning the critical, editorial, judging (left-brain mind)
  • Cheerleaders for what you’re creating from your peers and knowledgeable mentors, Beth & Ezra Barany
  • Practice sharing in a safe place; you only need to share what you feel comfortable sharing
  • Feedback from peers (optional and peer-generated)


Tamsen Kaye, Author“I’ve signed up for virtually all the classes the Barany School of fiction offers, and absolutely love them! Author-instructors Beth and Ezra have extensive knowledge in genre fiction, book marketing and other areas of writing, so you’re always learning much more than just the amazing course material.

Their positivity, support, and eagerness to address questions provides a fun, supportive environment that draws out the Muse and fosters your creativity. What I love most, in addition to the great community of fellow students, is the spectrum of education they provide.
Tamsen Kaye, Urban Fantasy Author


More About Who This Course is For

— This course is for writers who will be doing Nanowrimo, but want the added support of experienced teachers and mentors, who are also novelists: Ezra Barany and I, Beth Barany. Yep, we’re married, and actually met at a fiction writing group 18 years ago.


— If you’re dedicated to the idea of writing your book but are overwhelmed by all the emails Nanowrimo sends, and want intimate group support.

— This is your first novel and you’re not sure what you’re doing, but you’re determined to see this experiment through.

— You’ve done Nano several times and never finished, and this time you really want to finish and feel great about it.

— You’ve done Nano and felt totally lost by the time you got to the middle of your book.

We’re here to help you!




Beth Barany + Louise Foerster at RWA 2015, New York City

“I just [have] to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and with the full wide-eyed wonder of a writer who has been stunned at how penetrating and fantastically motivating your course is! … I LOVE the coursework. It is generous, bracing, actionable, everything that I was hoping for when I signed up. The novel that has been perplexing me for months upon months is now moving steadily along …

“I remain stunned by how practical this course is and what an incredible difference it has made for me in my work! …
Louise Foerster, Author


Special Opportunity:

Get This Write Your Novel Course for Free

Here’s how:

By signing up for the Group Coaching Program.


Pay only $30/month for 12 months. This payment option gives you membership into the Group Coaching Program for Genre Novelists, Call to Adventure level.

In the CALL TO ADVENTURE level, you’ll get two monthly group calls, plus access to 3+ years of archives, and access to the 9 home-study courses, and Dive In access to 5 live classes in the year ($20 per class).


Monthly Payment Plan for 12 months

$30.00 USD/monthly

Sign up for Author Group Coaching with Beth and Ezra Barany

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Or click here if you’d like to pay in full for the CALL TO ADVENTURE Program:

$329 for the 12-month program ($31 off).

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Two Options

1. Fellowship of Pen: Let’s Write

Your investment: $79

Specifics on what you’ll get:

  • Private Facebook group for November (or, Twitter #30DAYWC) to continue the support, accountability, and tailored guidance.
  • Five Live Teaching/Coaching calls: Tuesdays at 5:30pm PACIFIC on our Zoom channel for spot checks, motivation, writing tips during your busy life, and cheers on every step you take. The calls are 90-120 minutes long.
  • BONUS: The Writer’s Adventure Guide 12-stage course for free. ($60 value)

Yes, I’m ready to join “Fellowship of the Pen: Dive In” Level: $79 (If you have a discount code, be sure to enter it at check out.)


 **Registration closes Friday, November 4, 9pm Pacific**

SIGN UP BONUSES: Be sure to sign up by then so you can get Beth Barany’s ebook, Overcome Writer’s Block.  And other Get Started Goodies!

Overcome Writers Block by Beth Barany

Overcome Writer’s Block by Beth Barany


screenshot-2016-10-20-21-31-31“You guys played off so well against each other and delivered such amazing writing nuggets – more of that! And I loved the one-on-one action feel, the way you always responded to everything people posted on the lessons. I thought this was an amazing course.” — Margay Leah Justice, Romance/Horror Author




next option

2. Fellowship of Pen: Let’s Write Premium

Your investment: $179

Specifics on what you’ll get:

All of the above from Option #1, plus 2 BONUSES:

  • BONUS: A one-on-one private 60-minute coaching call with Beth Barany to focus on shaping your story or questions about overcoming inner blocks, or both. (Schedule your call with Beth as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of actually having the call before December 18th.)
  • BONUS: Written Document Review to help you get clear on the book you wrote or are writing and get ready for your next steps. Beth will give you a three to five paragraph review. Send her your novel’s:
    • Elevator pitch
    • Scene-by-Scene Outline or Plot Outline
    • One to three page Story Synopsis
      • Normally, Beth’s coaching calls are billed at $250 per hour, but she’s offering a deal here to those who are committed to the challenge of writing their novels during November.

Yes, I’m ready to join “Fellowship of the Pen: Let’s Write Premium” level: $179 

(If you have a discount code, be sure to enter it at check out.)



 **Registration closes Friday, November 4, 9pm Pacific**

Sign up by then to get Beth Barany’s ebook, Overcome Writer’s Block.

And other Get Started Goodies!


Overcome Writers Block by Beth Barany

Overcome Writer’s Block by Beth Barany



About the Instructors


Beth and Ezra Barany are award-winning, best-selling novelists, who have worked with over 100 authors to help them get their books written and published. 

Happily married for over 16 years, we’re passionate about writing, story telling, and guiding authors to achieve your dreams.

Together we have written and published 18 books, plus 3 audio books. Together and separately, we have taught thousands of students over the years, in both the public and private sector, including overseas in Paris, France. We both teach (and in Beth’s case, coach) and are working on writing and publishing our novels.

Why work with Beth and Ezra:

  • Beth has written and published 5 novellas, 3 novels, a collection of the romance novellas, a short story, and a novel prequel in the last few years.
  • Beth has used this process successfully in each of her 5 novellas and 6 novels.
  • Beth has taught all these tools to other authors and has seen how effective these tools are.


Beth Barany's YA fantasy novels and magical contemporary romances on Amazon.com

Beth Barany’s books on Amazon.com

  • Ezra has written 5 novels during Nanowrimo.
  • He successfully uses the techniques that we teach.
  • Ezra has published 2 thrillers and is editing the third and fourth in his series.
Ezra Barany's thrillers on Amazon.com

Ezra Barany’s thrillers on Amazon.com

Why We Really Want You in this Course

Ezra and I want to support authors who want support, know they learn best in small, hands-on learning environments, and who want to have a career as novelists. If that’s you, we really want you in our course.


Beth and Ezra Barany teaching a webinar with Kitty, our black cat. Kitty wants you in our course, too.



Can I upgrade from one level to the next once the course has started?

Yes! Once the course has started, you can upgrade to the next level. We will be sending you information on how to do that.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of committing to your writing, there is no refund for the course.

Can I access the live webinars and calls after they occur?

Yes, you have unlimited lifetime access to all the calls and any course material created for this class.


If you still have questions for us, just contact us via email, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.