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2. A private Facebook group with the writers and the instructors so that you can be in community for support, accountability, and guidance.

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3. Bonus: A one-on-one private 60-minute coaching call with Beth Barany to focus on shaping your story or questions about overcoming inner blocks, or both. (Schedule your call with Beth as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of actually having the call before December 18th.)

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  • Normally, Beth’s coaching calls are billed at $225 per hour, but she’s offering a deal here to those who are committed to the challenge of writing their novels during November.

4. BONUS for the PREMIUM: Written Document Review to help you get clear on the book you wrote or are writing and get ready for your next steps. Beth will give you a three to five paragraph review. Send her your novel’s:

  • Elevator pitch
  • Scene-by-Scene Outline or Plot Outline
  • One to three page Story Synopsis

Send Beth your notes before the call.

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Q: What if I have questions about the course or course material?
A: You can email Beth anytime. She returns emails within 24 hours during Monday through Friday.

Q: When do I need to take advantage of the coaching call with Beth?
A: Schedule your call with Beth as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of actually having the call before December 18, 2015.

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Contact Beth Barany with questions on the Plan Your Novel (30-Day Writing Challenge) character tip sheet
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