Your number one job as a writer is to draw readers into your characters’ heads so deeply that readers feel they’re living the story.

But how do you do that?

You have to understand how the human brain wants to experience stories.

We live through our senses. But not just the 5 senses that you learned about in school.

We have more than 20 senses that the brain combines and interprets to form a map of reality.

Yet, so many writers fail to include even the 5 main senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

They rely almost exclusively on visual descriptions, with the occasional sound or smell as an afterthought.

Your character’s senses are the lens through which they (and your readers) experience the story world you’ve spent so much time and energy crafting.

When you know how to use the full spectrum of senses in your fiction, you know how to put readers deep inside your character’s head, and heart, and body.

Your characters become a conduit for the reader’s sensory experience of the world: like a live feed straight from the page into your reader’s brain.

When the reader’s senses are engaged—in some ways at levels they might not even be aware of as they read—their mirror neurons are triggered.

Mirror neurons are the mechanism through which we feel empathy. In this case, empathy for your characters.

Mastering the full sensory spectrum is how you get readers to bond deeply with your characters.

Writing coach Beth Barany is going to show you how to do that in ...

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Editing for Compelling Characters: Beyond the Five Senses

I attended Beth Barany's Master Class 'Beyond the 5 Senses' at the Emerald City Writer's Conference in October of 2016. She did not disappoint! I thought I was pretty good at getting readers to feel like they were in the worlds I create for my books, but many of her examples I'd never even thought of. I can't wait to implement what I learned into my current WIP!

LE Wilson 
Paranormal Romance Author                 

In this 90-minute training, you’ll learn:

· The more than 20 senses that make up the full spectrum of human experience

· How to build a sensory palette for your characters that shapes their personality, their worldview, and their actions

· How to choose verbs, metaphors, similes, and descriptions that express the character’s sensory palette

· How to use your character’s sensory palette to clarify your setting and enhance your characters’ goals and motivations

· How cadence and rhythm reflect a character’s unique sensory palette

Best of all, you’ll learn how you can use these sensory spectrum techniques while editing … so you don’t have to worry about any of this slowing you down when you write your first draft.

This training won’t be just a theoretical brain dump, either. Beth is partnering with writing coach, Lynn Johnston, who’s going to create a character’s sensory palette on the fly, while you watch.

In other words, you’re going to see exactly how to apply the techniques to a character in real-time.

In this webinar, you'll get:


· A recording in video and audio.

· A worksheet to help cement your understanding of the techniques.

· A transcript of the webinar.

You’ll walk away from this training with specific tools for crafting compelling prose.

Not only that, but writing from the full sensory spectrum helps your readers feel connected to you as an author—they’ll feel seen and heard—which is how they become fans.

Don’t miss out on the chance to master the full sensory spectrum in your own fiction!

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Editing for Compelling Characters: Beyond the 5 Senses

If you register before January 22nd, you’ll also get these bonuses:

· Over 40% off to the live February 2017 course “Edit Your Novel Structure for Emotional Impact” with Beth Barany

· An 18-minute TED-Talk-like audio of Beth sharing about writing from the full sensory spectrum

· A 50% off coupon for Lynn Johnston's course, "How to Plot a Series That Rocks"

· Special Report: "On How a Growth Mindset Helps You Edit Your Novel" by Beth Barany

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Beth & Lynn


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Beth Barany

Award-winning novelist, Master NLP Practitioner and certified creativity coach for writers, Beth Barany’s courses are packed with useful hands-on information that you can implement right away.

Beth runs the Writer's Fun Zone blog, for and by creative writers, where you can download her free reports on book marketing and novel writing.​

She is also the author of The Writer's Adventure Guide, Overcome Writer's Block, and Twitter for Authors.

She takes great interest in how humans learn, create, and grow, and includes all her students’ life experiences, including the ancestors, into the moment.

Discerning, individualized support in a group environment for the benefit of each person and of the whole is Beth’s goal in each of her live workshops and courses.

Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston is a writing mentor and award-winning author with a passion for teaching fiction writers how to increase the emotional impact of their stories to turn readers into fans.

​She blogs at Write Smarter, Not Harder, where you can download her free ebook, Editing for Story.

She's also the author of The 30 Day Novel Workbook, The 30 Day Romance Novel Workbook, and The Writer's Guide to Getting Organized.

Lynn would love to teach you her methods for plotting organically, creating archetypal characters, planning a series, making setting a character in your story, and much more.