About the course (Oct 2014)

This course is designed for the writer with a life — you have other activities that you’re committed to in addition to writing.


This course will run from October 1-30,2014

In this course, you’ll prepare to write your novel for NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and takes place every November. A free event, writers use NaNoWriMo to “win” the challenge of writing a 50,000-word novel. “Winners” get a certificate and the pride in completing a manuscript.

In our 30-Day Writing Challenge, we will help you think and write through the steps to create your novel — from character development to plot structure to story themes and world building — so that you can start NaNoWriMo prepared.

We run the class via a few mediums: email, premium live webinars and conference calls (recorded), and a premium private Facebook group to build community and connect with your fellow writers for support and accountability.


Who is this course for?

For: Experienced writers or ambitious writers who want to plan their novel in an organic or step-by-step way, so that on Nov. 1st you can start writing it alongside the NaNoWriMo.org crowd.

This course is designed for the writer with a life — you have other activities that you’re committed to in addition to writing.

We know that.

We know you’re busy with other obligations AND you want to be writing. Well, you can, in small, manageable bite-sized pieces. Each activity can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes. You can plan your novel in a way that fits into your life. We know, because we’ve done it, multiple times!

With this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Plan your novel
    • Step into a sense of satisfaction and creative accomplishment
    • Get excited for NaNoWriMo
    • Believe that you can write a novel

What can you expect: You’ll put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and write while you think, in specific ways, with specific focuses. Words will pile up, along with ideas, story questions, and scenes.

You’ll be invited to read short lessons, watch some video or listen to the lessons, then write — put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and actually do some thinking of your story on the page.

This class is good for you:

    • If you have never written a novel, and have always wanted to, and still feel lost on how to go from brilliant idea to The End, then you will be stretched in new and different ways.
    • If you’re an experienced novelist, with 1 or 2 completed or partially completed novels under your bed. You may find this course structured in a way that’s new to you and yet familiar.
    • If you have 5 or more unfinished novels sitting in a drawer, and always hit that sagging middle and lose focus or lose interest, this course will help you dream up exciting ways to torture, I mean challenge, your characters all the way to the resolution of the story.




Date: Oct. 1-30, 2014

A 30-day course, structured so you can do it at your own pace.

Your time commitment: All told, if you follow the curriculum, you will probably spend 4 – 10 hours over the month to follow through on the assignments and exercises, all designed to prepare you to write your novel. Of course, some of you will spend less and some may spend more time on this course.

This course is designed with the understanding that you have a busy life, full of commitments — family, job, second job, pets, friends, and oh yeah, sleep.

Prepare for Nanowrimo. Oct. 2014. 30-Day Writing Challenge.


This course will cover:


Week 1: Elevator Pitch & Short Synopsis We will help you write the 1-2 paragraph story blurb, also know as the elevator pitch, that you can later use in a query letter. Next we’ll cover the 5-6 paragraph story synopsis that can form the basis of a synopsis agents and editors request. We’ll also touch on the story’s theme and genre to help you have a better idea of the focus of your story and also your audience’s expectations.


Week 2: Get to Know Your Main Characters We cover getting to know your main characters. Great stories start with great characters that you love! We’ll expand on the “10 Questions to Ask Your Characters” tip sheet (PDF) that you got when you signed up for the course. We also have more character questions to share with you and special exercises to help you get to know your characters so you can bring them to life when you write your novel.


Week 3: Story Plot & World Building We will help you design the story’s main plot points and get to know the world of your story better, in other words, world building. Plot comes from characters and from knowing your story world and from asking some good questions. We will help you design a plot that will keep readers at the edge of their seats turning pages deep into the night.


Week 4: Scene-by-Scene Outline & Plotting We guide you through the final preparation step of building your story scene-by-scene. We help you create an organic outline from all the notes and thinking that have gone before and also provide tips on a more linear approach to plotting your story. Once you have completed this exercise, and all the ones before, you’ll have a good sense of your entire story, and can sit down to write your novel with excitement and confidence.



What People Have Said About Working with Us

Ladies Night (Fight Card) [Kindle Edition] Jill Tunney (Author), Jack Tunney (Author), Carol Malone (Editor), Paul Bishop (Editor)“I want to thank Beth Barany and Ezra Barany for taking the time … Their encouragement helped to get me on the stick and get ready to write my novel. –Carol Malone w/a Jill Tunny, Ladies Night, a Fight-Card Romance


Zephrum Gates and the Strange Magical Treasure (Zephrum Gates & The Strange Magical Treasure) [Kindle Edition] Tricia Riel (Author), Joe Salvo (Illustrator)“Beth & Ezra are super accessible… & they have great ideas for guiding an author’s success. It’s been fun to virtually meet other creative writers as well. The support is fabulous … a real community.” — Tricia Riel, author of the Zephrum Gates series

Triana Willard, YA Fantasy author“Just wanted to say thank-you to Beth and Ezra – I have really enjoyed your course. … I especially enjoyed the daily tasks, which allowed me to take time and really delve into my characters’ motivations and conflicts.”  Triana Willard, author of Autumn Magic





3 levels of commitment:

1. Stay the Course

  • “10 Questions to Ask Your Characters” tip sheet (PDF), plus audio goodie.
  • Weekly emails prompts to get you writingYou’ll be guided each week on a new focus following the course structure above.
  • 2 recorded video teaching webinars with the instructors
  • 2 recorded group coaching teleseminars with the instructors
  • Handouts

Stay the Course: $29

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2. Dive In

  • “10 Questions to Ask Your Characters” tip sheet (PDF), plus audio goodie.
  • Weekly emails prompts to get you writing. You’ll be guided each week on a new focus following the course structure above.
  • Short daily email prompts to help you stay focused.
  • 2 live video teaching webinars with the instructors
  • 2 live group coaching teleseminars with the instructors

Dive In: $49

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3. All In

  • “10 Questions to Ask Your Characters” tip sheet (PDF), plus audio goodie.
  • Weekly emails prompts to get you writing. You’ll be guided each week on a new focus following the course structure above.
  • Short daily email prompts to help you stay focused.
  • 2 live video teaching webinars with the instructors
  • 2 live group coaching teleseminars with the instructors
  • A private Facebook group with the writers and the instructors
  • A one-on-one private 30-minute coaching call with Beth Barany to focus on shaping your story or questions about overcoming inner blocks, or both.
    • Normally, Beth’s coaching calls are billed at $200, but she’s offering a deal here to those who are committed to the challenge of preparing their novels.

All In: $99

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About the Instructors

beth-and-ezra-barany-a-gorgeous-couple-Big-LessPink-copy-4-1024x768.jpg_amendedBeth and Ezra Barany are award-winning, best-selling novelists, who have worked with over 100 authors to help them get their books written and published. 

Happily married for over 15 years, we’re passionate about writing, story telling, and guiding authors to achieve your dreams.

Together we have written and published 18 books, plus 3 audio books. Together and separately, we have taught thousands of students over the years, in both the public and private sector, including overseas in Paris, France. We both teach (and Beth’s case, coach) and working on writing and publishing our novels.

Why work with Beth and Ezra:

  • Beth has written and published 3 novellas in the last year, plus a novel, and a fourth will be published by the beginning of September.
  • Beth has used this process successfully in each of her novellas.
  • Beth has taught all these tools with authors and have seen how effective these tools are.


Beth Barany's young adult fantasy and paranormal romance on Amazon.com

Beth Barany’s young adult fantasy and paranormal romance on Amazon.com

  • Ezra has written 4 novels during Nanowrimo.
  • He uses the techniques successfully that we’ll be teaching.
  • Ezra has written 2 thrillers and is working on the third in his series this year.
Ezra Barany's thrilles on Amazon.com

Ezra Barany’s thrillers on Amazon.com

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What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of committing to your writing, there is no refund for the course.

Can I access the live webinars and calls after they occur?

You have 30 days to download all the course material you have access to. (Until November 30.)

What if I can’t finish by Oct. 30th?

We know that people go at their own pace. You can always return to the course at a later date and finish on your own.

When do I need to take advantage of the coaching call with Beth?

Schedule your call with Beth as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of actually having the call before December 12th.

Do you offer scholarships?

Due to the low cost of this course, we are not offering scholarships at this time.

Can I upgrade from one level to the next once the course has started?

Yes! Once the course has started, you can upgrade to the next level. We will be sending you information on how to do that.




Not ready to commit? then Get Started here: A Gift for You, Free:

“10 Questions to Ask Your Characters” tip sheet (PDF), plus audio goodie.



If you still have questions for us, just contact us via email, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.