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Plan Your Novel: Essential Plot & Character Tips

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10 thoughts on “Thanks for signing up for the Special Webinar!

  1. Christie Maurer

    Both these bonuses were helpful. I’m 3/4 done with Book 2 of my medieval fantasy. My hero is stuck in a formal dinner where half the guests are his enemies, open and covert. Dialogue going nowhere. Reading these helped me identify his goals and my goals in the scenes.

  2. Kathy S Mehl

    I’ve just finished a course on writing short stories and am ready to take on rewriting my first novel and completing its sequel. I self-published the first one but want to go the published route this time. I’m looking forward to to this webinar.

  3. Peggy

    I think the hardest part for me on character development is to remember in a series that readers of subsequent books don’t know all the things about the characters that have already been highlighted and the danger in trying to give too much back story.

  4. Gai

    Thanks, Beth, for your helpful tips. Unlike most of your “followers” I am not writing a novel … at least not yet.
    My husband is the author in the family; perhaps one day when his career is established, I may also venture
    into the creative field.

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